Der Schuh Des Manitu


Der Schuh Des Manitu is a musical by Martin Lingnau (music), Heiko Wohlgemuth (lyrics), John von Duffel (book) and Andreas Gergen (idea and concept) based on the eponymous movie from the year 2,001th.
The blood brothers Abahachi and Ranger borrow money at Shoshone chief’s son Meatloaf in order to buy from crooks Santa Maria a (ordinary) local, but this turns out to be just as toppling backdrop. The chief’s son flees then with the money, but is shot and killed by Santa Maria. The Shoshone chief holds Abahachi and Ranger for the murderer of his son, but the latter can escape the torture stake. To gain access to money, locate the fugitives after parts of a treasure map that will show them the way to a hidden gem. Bandit Boss Santa Maria learns of this and pursued the fugitives, as well as the Shoshone, who dug up a folding chair instead of not existing tomahawk. After some adventures eventually all go to Manitou’s Shoe, a rock cave. Before the villain in a manure pit sinks, there is a dispute and subsequent reconciliation between Abahachi and Ranger.

Theater: D.Westens, Berlin