Hinterm Horizont


Hinterm Horizont is a musical , based on the songs of the singer Udo Lindenberg tells a love story. The screenplay was written by Thomas Brussig ( Sun Alley written) in close cooperation with Udo Lindenberg.
The musical tells how Udo Lindenberg at a concert in the Palace of the Republic in the FDJ activist love with Jessy and what problems arise therefrom. According to Lindenberg’s own words, this meeting was actually something like this happened, the truth of the rest of history, there are no statements. Historical facts are only the concert in East Berlin in 1983, which ultimately canceled by the GDR leadership DDR tour and concert in Moscow 1985 The political and historical environment with DDR, Stasi and Fall of the Wall in 1989 is also shown in various scenes, with this is usually done in a very cabaret form. Will also discuss doping in the GDR. The most striking prop is a Udo hat with 9 m diameter, hovering mostly on the stage, but is also used in some scenes as a backdrop. Another important setting is a replica of a section of the Berlin Wall , which also serves as a projection screen for scenes that could be represented only with enormous effort on stage.(wikipedia.org)

Theatre: AM Potsdamer Platz, Berlin