Tanz Der Vampire


Tanz der Vampire is an Austrian musical with music by Jim Steinman and lyrics by Michael Kunze. It’s The Musical of Roman Polanski’s film The Fearless Vampire Killers, and has the same general story as the film, but with a more sympathetic take on vampire lord Count von Krolock and a less pure heroine.
The basic plot features The Hunter Professor Abronsius and his timid, feeble assistant Alfred arriving in a Transylvanian village straight out of Hammer Horror. Alfred falls in love with the innkeeper’s daughter Sarah, and she toys with him a bit before running off to the local castle instead. Of course, said local castle is infested with vampires, lead by Count von Krolock and his Flamboyant Gay son Herbert (who has his own eye on Alfred), and Sarah prepares to become Krolock’s new Queen of the Night at a lush vampire ball. Alfred, unaware that she’s happier this way, valiantly tries to rescue her (when he’s not screaming like a girl). Meanwhile, Sarah’s father is turned into a vampire himself, and he goes on to turn Magda, the beautiful and chaste maidservant he’s been lusting after for years, into his slutty undead girlfriend.

Theater: D.Westens, Berlin