Die Schöne Helena


Monty Python a la francaise – that is Jacques Offenbach, the father of operetta and musical theater master of wacky. Exactly 150 years ago, made one of his most influential works on the Paris stage for the first time a sensation . belle Helene Barrie Kosky shows in his opulent staging of the hilarious Antique travesty, what’s next great voices in stunning playfulness in the ensemble of the Komische Oper Berlin.
Sparta is no longer what it once was: The offerings can be desired in terms of quality arg left, and the good old gods, only more love goddess Venus popular as ever. Queen Helena, quite fates with Diva, bored honest with her husband Menelaus, as a mysterious – and outrageously handsome – shepherd in snow, which, oh fateful coincidence, as goddesses beauty contest juror Paris turns out. Luckily, high priest Calchas the fate a little on the jumps and helps Helena and Paris helps to ensure a great night, which is, however, disturbed by Menelaus on most sensitive. What needs but also completely unannounced return from the mission home ?! – Not only finds Helena, but krakeelt soon the people in the choir. Menelaus arranges joint summer, but what can you do: If Venus takes its toll, the man is nurmehr a plaything of the gods Jacques Offenbach, the Judeo – kolsche “Mozart of the Champs Elysees” (Gioachino Rossini), portrayed full in his operettas But wit and frivolous sensuality a society that straight moving with a sparkling glass of champagne in hand and big steps toward the abyss – overexcited and grandiose, with melodies that, once inside hatched in the Horwindungen be a hard act to beat more out of your head can.

Theater: Komische Oper, Berlin