Tabaluga Und Das Vershenkte Gluk


Tabaluga , a little green dragon , is aimed at children story who is originally from the German rock singer Peter Maffay , the children’s songwriter Rolf Harris and longtime Maffay-text author Gregory Rottschalk was conceived. The theme they created in 1983 initially for implementation as a concept album in the form of a rock fairytale. Tabaluga, the shape of the children’s book author and illustrator Helme Heine developed, lives in “grassland” and is now 7 years old, each year dragon equals 100 human years.
The Tabaluga success began with the concept album Tabaluga or travel to reason (1983). It was followed by four more concept albums (1986, 1993, 2003, 2011) and an album of Christmas carols. There were also three tours: Tabaluga & Lilli (1994), Tabaluga and gave away happiness (2003) and Tabaluga and the signs of the times (2012), each of which recordings appeared, among other things as a live DVD. There was also the Musical Tabaluga & Lilli , which in Oberhausen in TheatrO CentrO ran (1999-2001) and of the appeared a studio album of songs.

Global Concert, German Tour